Greek Hospitality Awards 2016: IT Concept receives Gold distinction

IT Concept S.A. was awarded with the highest distinction during the Greek Hospitality Awards 2016 in the category Best Hotel Entertainment & Technology Supplier, and excelled in two other categories.

IT Concept S.A. was awarded with the Gold Award in the category Best Hotel Entertainment & Technology Supplier, during the Greek Hospitality Awards 2016, which was held for the second consecutive year by Ethos Awards and Money magazine and is under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism, EOT and the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels.

The award is of particular value to the company because the distinction of IT Concept derives from both the Evaluation Committee, which includes influential personalities from the business, university and tourism industry and the public itself.

The product for which the company was awarded is the innovative combination OnlineChannelGuide – Weefee.

The OCG is the ultimate “guide” for information and promotion, and changes the game in the hospitality industry. It is a system which is constantly evolving, both in software and hardware level. We are very proud of our new, Europe-wide innovative version OCG3 / 2016. This is because, while one enjoys all the benefits of the application, at the same time he has the ability to watch TV programs without being online.

Through the OCG and its expansion on the Weefee , devices such as television, tablet and mobile smartphones transform into information and database creation tools. The tourism sector enterprises enjoy the benefits of an information and promotion “guide”, which is available 24/7, in the right place at the right time, fully and directly updated.

“We believe that tourism is the main pillar of the Greek economy and we respect the hospitality when it is offered under the best conditions. This conviction leads us to continually develop innovative solutions for the tourism entrepreneurship for the benefit of visitors and businessmen” said Mr. Christodoulakis Alexis, the CEO of IT Concept after receiving the prize.

IT Concept was also awarded with a Silver Award in the category Best IT, Web & Telecoms Supplier. Domotel Hotels & Resorts was also awarded with the Silver Award in the category Best Greek Hotel & Resort Loyalty Programme, which was developed by IT Concept.