We are hiring!

We are growing and we are hiring!


Provision of technical support for the company’s system networks and those of its clients.
Participation in the istallation, networking, customization, maintenance and management of electronic ITC systems.
Problem resolution regarding material and operating systems either remotely or on site.

Required Skills

  • University degree in IT or equivalent
  • Minimum of 3 years experience in an equivalent position
  • Perfect knowledge of network infrastructure customization, such as: Mikrotik RouterOS, Ubiquity Wifi, Asterisk VοIP
  • Knowldge of operating systems Windows Server in a business environment, such as: Domain Admin, Group policy, , Backup/restore, security , Exchange Server
  • Good knowledge of Linux

Personal Skills & Attributes

  • Dynamic personality, ability to take initiative, exceptional communication and cooperation skills
  • Result oriented
  • Strong committment to deadlines and work shcedules
  • Must be a team player
  • Ability to travel outside of Athens
  • Car/motorcycle driver’s license
  • Completed military service obligations (for male candidates)

If you think you have the above mentioned skills and qualifications send us your CV and cover letter at hr@itconcept.gr

For more information you may call 210 6106606

We are hiring!

We are growing and we are hiring!


IT Concept S.A. is fast growing information technology company. Established in Athens in 2008 the company develops innovative and cutting edge solution for its clients. Having built a strong brand name through its cooperation with well-known companies and organizations in many industries, IT Concept builds on its reputation by incorporating an extrovert business development strategy.

To this end, the company is always seeking to recruit talented professionals who will join its ever-expanding team. True to its corporate culture, IT Concept is looking for excellence, integrity and commitment when it comes to human resources.

Due to the increasing demand from clients seeking to create or upgrade their websites and e-shops, we are currently looking to recruit an exceptional candidate, based in Athens, for the position of:

Web Developer

The opportunity to join IT Concept’s vibrant team will be offered to a successful candidate who will have the following skills and qualifications:

Required Skills/Qualifications

  • equivalent job experience
  • Perfect knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Experience in responsive design ( Bootstrap)
  • Experience in WordPress development will be admitted
  • Webservices connection XML – JSON

Desirable Skills

  • Experience in unit testing / functional testing
  • Basic usage of Linux Ubuntu / Centos

Personal skills

  • Creative, communicative and pleasant personality with prospective
  • Accountability and enthusiastic attitude
  • Sense of “ownership”
  • Must be a team player but also enjoy working independently

The company offers

  • Competitive remuneration according to skills and experience level
  • Full-time employment or contract based (TBD)
  • The opportunity to work in fast paced, friendly environment with a strong corporate culture and devotion to team building and cooperation.
  • The opportunity to work on important IT projects

If you think you have the above mentioned skills and qualifications send us your CV and cover letter at hr@itconcept.gr

For more information you may call 210 6106606

Greek Hospitality Awards 2016: IT Concept receives Gold distinction

IT Concept S.A. was awarded with the highest distinction during the Greek Hospitality Awards 2016 in the category Best Hotel Entertainment & Technology Supplier, and excelled in two other categories.

IT Concept S.A. was awarded with the Gold Award in the category Best Hotel Entertainment & Technology Supplier, during the Greek Hospitality Awards 2016, which was held for the second consecutive year by Ethos Awards and Money magazine and is under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism, EOT and the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels.

The award is of particular value to the company because the distinction of IT Concept derives from both the Evaluation Committee, which includes influential personalities from the business, university and tourism industry and the public itself.

The product for which the company was awarded is the innovative combination OnlineChannelGuide – Weefee.

The OCG is the ultimate “guide” for information and promotion, and changes the game in the hospitality industry. It is a system which is constantly evolving, both in software and hardware level. We are very proud of our new, Europe-wide innovative version OCG3 / 2016. This is because, while one enjoys all the benefits of the application, at the same time he has the ability to watch TV programs without being online.

Through the OCG and its expansion on the Weefee , devices such as television, tablet and mobile smartphones transform into information and database creation tools. The tourism sector enterprises enjoy the benefits of an information and promotion “guide”, which is available 24/7, in the right place at the right time, fully and directly updated.

“We believe that tourism is the main pillar of the Greek economy and we respect the hospitality when it is offered under the best conditions. This conviction leads us to continually develop innovative solutions for the tourism entrepreneurship for the benefit of visitors and businessmen” said Mr. Christodoulakis Alexis, the CEO of IT Concept after receiving the prize.

IT Concept was also awarded with a Silver Award in the category Best IT, Web & Telecoms Supplier. Domotel Hotels & Resorts was also awarded with the Silver Award in the category Best Greek Hotel & Resort Loyalty Programme, which was developed by IT Concept.

Η IT CONCEPT επίσημος υποστηρικτής της Εφαρμογιάδας #4

The Efarmogiada #4, the competition for private developers of mobile applications of all manufacturers, successfully took place on 30 March in Athens.

The competition was to present mobile applications to a wide audience, which, by using virtual money, highlighted applications that they thought to be the most successful.

Besides the prizes, all contestants had the opportunity to come into contact with investors and companies looking for the right people to cooperate.

Overall, apart from the 12 contestants, the number of participants, either physically or by watching the competition through live streaming, reached 350 .

We, IT CONCEPT, like to support innovative ideas and people with creativity and vision .

IT Concept S.A. was the major sponsor of the 2nd International Exhibition GREEK TOURISM Expo

Kountoura opening


Greek’s tourism international appointment was held at the 2nd International Exhibition GREEK TOURISM Expo ’15 on 4-6 of December in Metropolitan Expo, launched by the deputyMinister of Tourism, Mrs. Elena Kountoura.



The IT Concept was one of the major sponsors of the exhibition. At its stand presented the latest technological developments in the tourism sector and proposed new, innovative solutions on how to increase your business’s ROI, create loyal customers, strengthen your online presence and at the same time obtain valuable statistics of your clientele, which you can use in your future promotional activities.

IMG_6188         IMG_6181

The company also undertook the complete coverage of exhibitions’ management systems, implementing the innovative system Confie, an integrated  Recording & Management guest conferences and exhibitions system, whereas enabling the exhibitions’ managers to register and manage fast and easy the visitors’ registration, contacts, events calendar, and extract statistics. The registrations of the participants were done via barcode scanner at the entrance in order to record the time of entry / exit from the exhibition hall. Furthermore, the Confie system was fully extensive to mobile devices, so guests upon entering the Metropolitan Expo, could download the application and do fast check-in via their mobile and remain up to date regarding all the events of the exhibition.


GTE-2015-06           GTE-2015-02


New Li-Fi Internet Is 100 Times Faster Than Wi-Fi

The inventor of the electric lightbulb could hardly have imagined that one day his creation would be used not only to illuminate homes around the world, but also to transmit data that would enable people to download information from satellites in space to small hand-held devices. However, with the introduction of Li-Fi, household lighting could soon double as a form of data transmission that’s up to 100 times faster than Wi-Fi.

Li-Fi, which was first invented by Harold Haas of the University of Edinburgh in 2011, uses visible light communication (VLC) to send data at extremely high speeds. Essentially, this works like an incredibly fast signal lamp, flashing on and off in order to relay messages in binary code (1s and 0s). In previous lab-based experiments, the technology was able to transmit up to 224 gigabits per second. To put this in perspective, Wi-Fi is capable of reaching speeds of around 600 megabits per second.

The technology has now been deployed in real-life situations for the first time, thanks to the work of Estonian start-up Velmenni, which has begun trialing Li-Fi in offices and other industrial settings in Tallinn. In these environments, they were able to achieve connection speeds of around one gigabit per second.

Aside from its superior speed, Li-Fi also boasts a number of other benefits over Wi-Fi. For instance, the fact that the signal is carried by optical light means that it cannot travel through walls, therefore enhancing the security of local networks. Obviously, this produces a number of limitations as well, since it suggests that connection will be lost if a user leaves the room, representing a major hurdle that must be overcome if the technology is to be successfully implemented. However, if this barrier can be surmounted, then the use of the visible spectrum could allow Li-Fi to send messages across a much wider range of frequencies than Wi-Fi, which operates between the frequencies of 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz.

As such, it has been suggested that Li-Fi could provide the answer to increasing frequency congestion as Internet usage continues to rise across the world. According to the Cisco Visual Networking Index Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast, global monthly data usage is expected to exceed 24.3 exabytes by 2019 – a volume which current wireless connections are not able to handle.