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your conference and exhibition

Confie is an integrated Recording & Management system for conferences and exhibitions, which allows you to register and manage contacts, calendar of events, attendees’ registration with the use of barcode (Traffic recorder) and statistics. The system is fully extensive in mobile devices.


The use of barcode scanning allows the easy and fast management of your attendees’ registration. Each participant is identified with barcode, scanned at the reception and can be recorded the time of entry / exit from the conference room. The program processes the movements and gives accurate information regarding the time tracking of each theme for each attendee, the total number of attendance hours per participant and monitors statistics for each topic.

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Web Environment

Attendance per room

Contacts management

Reception Management

Easy navigation and advanced search engine

Planned events registration

Development of corporate identity per Conference

Traffic statistics data by date and event

Feel the experience of a conference through your hands


Confie program is fully extensive to mobile devices, in the form of an application, in order to enhance your attendees’ experience.

Manage the content of the application

Through a user friendly system, you have the full control of your application updates.

Add information in the calendar, manage the speakers, the halls, the sponsors and the links that lead to their websites. Through the management system you can configure all types of application as often as required.

Send short messages to the users’ application, in the form of push notifications and maintain their interest. In this way, they are always up to date regarding any information you want to promote.

About – General Information

View all information regarding the conference

Agenda / Daily Schedule

View Conference’s Program per hour and hall


Information regarding the conference center and its facilities

Floor Plans

Plan of the conference center and its halls


Presentation of speakers, alongside their resumes. Details regarding their topics.


User has the ability to evaluate and score the conference

User Profile

Creation of user profile and registration of all needed information

My Schedule

User can record in his profile the speeches he is interested to attend and receive a reminder notification, 15 minutes prior to the begging of the speech.

Sponsor Details


Presentation of conference’s location on Google map

Push Notifications

Massive distribution of messages of 140 characters each, in the form of Push Notification