Manage your properties efficiently

Cubic is an innovative integrated real estate management platform with automated correlation of demand, supply and trader.


The Cubic assumes full management and monitoring of your property. From the registration of the property and the printing of the assignment and command hint property, to the buyers / sellers registration, their automatic connection and recording sales / rentals.

Clientele Management

Register the full data of buyers and sellers and your other contacts per tab and categorize your clientele by seller, stakeholder and manufacturer.


Users Management

Create users with multiple levels and assigning users by region. Moreover, Cubic is a web application therefore enables simultaneous use by multiple computers.


Actions per Client

Keep track on your customer’s history and create promotional activities.

About the User

About the Real estate

Real Estate Management

Register quickly and easily all data and characteristics of each property, such as its type (i.e. apartment, store, etc.), the size, price etc. Keep any kind of file (PDF, Doc, Excel, jpg) regarding the property. The system automatically matches the property with all the concerned requests.


Unlimited photos of each property

For every property you can upload unlimited number of photos and edit them with Photo Editor, as well as present it on Google maps.

Automatic Crossings
Automate crossover and matching between demand, supply and property.

Sales Opportunities
You have the ability to register potential clients (Tenants / Real Estate Sellers), with full information and details (i.e. offers, phone calls, meetings etc.) for a future approach.

Requests import
Import in to the system all of your buyers’ requests. The system will automatically display the list of the properties that match the characteristics of the request.

Dynamic Search Engine

Multiple searching ways of the properties, requests, customers, i.e. by category, location, name, etc.


Easy print of the assignment and command hint property, including all the necessary data


Automatic Ads Creation and portals update mechanism

Upon registration of the property, the system automatically creates in Greek and English, the ad you wish to be published and recorded in ad display portals, such as,,, etc.


Statistics and Targets per User

Extract detailed reports and statistics, per user so as to be informed regarding their performance at any time.

Extra Features

Emails & sms distribution system

You can send automated notifications to selected recipients, either via email or via sms. In this way, you ensure immediate and effective information of the targeted recipients.

Task Calendar with Google Calendar

Record and organize all of your work in the Google Calendar.