IT Concept S.A. was the major sponsor of the 2nd International Exhibition GREEK TOURISM Expo

Kountoura opening


Greek’s tourism international appointment was held at the 2nd International Exhibition GREEK TOURISM Expo ’15 on 4-6 of December in Metropolitan Expo, launched by the deputyMinister of Tourism, Mrs. Elena Kountoura.



The IT Concept was one of the major sponsors of the exhibition. At its stand presented the latest technological developments in the tourism sector and proposed new, innovative solutions on how to increase your business’s ROI, create loyal customers, strengthen your online presence and at the same time obtain valuable statistics of your clientele, which you can use in your future promotional activities.

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The company also undertook the complete coverage of exhibitions’ management systems, implementing the innovative system Confie, an integrated  Recording & Management guest conferences and exhibitions system, whereas enabling the exhibitions’ managers to register and manage fast and easy the visitors’ registration, contacts, events calendar, and extract statistics. The registrations of the participants were done via barcode scanner at the entrance in order to record the time of entry / exit from the exhibition hall. Furthermore, the Confie system was fully extensive to mobile devices, so guests upon entering the Metropolitan Expo, could download the application and do fast check-in via their mobile and remain up to date regarding all the events of the exhibition.


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