OCG is a digital “gateway” of continuous flow of two-way communication, immediate information, entertainment and interaction with clients, which creates new sources of income.

It helps you keep your clients constantly informed for the services you wish to offer them, while enhancing their overall experience and interaction with your brand.

Tomorrow’s communication…


A central management system

Through a central management system you can disseminate the content you wish to communicate to your clients to all the communication devices of your business.

TV sets, screens, tablets and info kiosks stationed at different locations in your hotel are constantly broadcasting the information you wish to promote.

Compatible with all types

of infrastructure


The OCG is fully compatible with all types of infrastructure – whether analog, or digital, or IP TV systems. There is no need for interference with existing cable infrastructure and there is no restriction regarding the TV set type.

Flexible Layout – Flexibility in choice of theme according to your needs

Flexibility when it comes to choosing themes. The OCG is fully customizable to your own specific needs for promotion and information!

You get to choose what will be broadcasted, when, to whom and through what means. You may broadcast images, text, video, weather forecasts, exchange rates, news, promotional or advertising spots etc