Web & Mobile

Online Booking System

Covert your website’s visits into booking

In IT Concept, we have developed an innovative autonomous online booking system, which provides your website visitors the opportunity to proceed easily and directly to a reservation.

The online booking system is designed in order to:

  • availability being updated in real time
  • ensure to both the user and your company the necessary safety and reliability
  • execute online payments through banks and PayPal
  • send directly an automated e-mail, informing about the completion of the transaction and the registration of the reservation

Customer Relationship


Know and manage your customers with the implementation of IT Concept’s Customer Relationship Management and increase the productivity of your company. Register, organize and monitor the movements of your customers, sale opportunities, your financial offers and advertising campaigns.Customers Relationship Management is fully customizable according to your own requirements. At the same time, you have an online calendar which records your activities.

Customer Relationship Management

It enables you to:

  • register customers and suppliers with their full data
  • prepare and print financial quotations
  • send Newsletters
  • monitor advertising activities/campaigns
  • illustrate the profitability of your enterprise
  • represent financial data
  • configure your financial quotations
  • register the daily activity of your enterprise
  • integrated calendar for recording the daily activities of your enterprise


Research in real time

Our company has established a reliable tool for conducting research online. Accelerate the collection of questionnaires and graphical representation of statistical results. Make the research on your customer satisfaction easy.

Digital Signage

Capture the looks

The Digital Signage is the latest trend of technology and provides the management and display digital content in selected areas. Inform yours clients / visitors about your products and services and enhance their experience.

Info Kiosk

Interactive information

The Interactive Info Kiosk feature touchscreens and are created to present necessary audiovisual information through a user-friendly interactive environment. They are an interactive medium of information and address to conferences, exhibitions, social event , companies wishing to have a mean of interaction of the public with their products / services.


Education without borders

Βeing always one step ahead of the time, our company undertakes the design and technical support, the appropriate platform for a successful e-learning